My hope is write and send my thoughts out into the void.  I am glad to share my journey with others who may stumble upon this blog.  Many of the entries over the next few months are going to focus on simplifying and exploring the idea of going tiny.  More about another project I am working on can be discovered by clicking this link:

A TINY Journey: Building a Home

This blog originally developed during the cold months of the winter of 2014, when I decided that a change of scenery was needed. I thought that moving out of my place at the end of school and not moving in to somewhere else until September would be a great motivator to hit the road. Originally, the idea was to go where the wind took me. Unfortunately, so many of the places that I had wanted to visit and camp required advanced planning. Over the course of months, I routed and rerouted my travels, until the basic shape of my trip took form. Even with the framework designed, the day to day experiences were spur of the moment decisions. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey across North America.  More journeys will follow!


2 thoughts

  1. Hi Gregory! I found one of your tiny cards in Dee William’s book “The Big Tiny.” I wanted to reach out and encourage you to continue working towards your dream!! It looks like you have taken some time off of pursuing your tiny house, but I hope you will be able to pick up soon. Life is too short to not pursue the things we want.
    Great idea with the cards, I hope some day I will see your finished project! God bless you!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been doing some behind the scene work. Planning on spending some time writing about going tiny and some other travels in the next few weeks for the blog. Thanks for sharing the tiny card find! Out of curiosity, where did you find it?

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