For the past seventeen years, my day job has been teaching sixth graders. The ability to genuinely help others was the best part of my day. As of June 2019, I have made the decision to be jobless and homeless for one year. (A strange decision to freely make in such uncertain times.) The decision to step away from teaching to devote more time to various writing projects that have been pulling on my mind’s energy is one that has been in development for quite some time. The hope is to use this time to allow these very varied projects to progress at a faster rate than what seemed possible during the hectic school years.

Writing, photography, drawing, designing, connecting big ideas, and dreaming about the unknown future bring me the greatest joy. These outlets are nurtured and sustained through traveling, reading, listening to music, and attending concerts & plays.

My ultimate hope for this blog is to have an outlet where I can write and send my thoughts out into the void.  I am glad to share my journey with others who may stumble upon this blog, which originally developed during the cold months of the winter of 2014, when I decided that a change of scenery was much needed. Moving out of my place at the end of that school year and not moving into my new apartment until the start of the next school year became a great motivator to hit the road. Over the course of those two months, I journeyed across North America in my small Hyundai. Those twelve thousand miles over a period of fifty-eight days provided peace and clarity for me, and would eventually serve as an inspiration for many of the projects I am working on today. (These travels are still documented on the main page of this blog.)

Since October of 2017, this blog has been slowly morphing into a creative outlet for me to share my ideas that may not be directly connected to travel, but have been clearly shaped by the lessons learned from my travels. The journal I use for this blog has roughly 40 rough sketches of future blog posts… and counting. My plan is to devote the time to transform these initial sparks into fully developed ideas ready to be shared. There may be some common themes that may develop and be explored, but my promise to myself is not to limit the direction of where this blog may eventually head. The unknown is not to be feared.

More journeys will follow! Please consider following/subscribing to this blog to continue to see what I send out into the void. Thanks!

-Greg  (Updated July 8, 2019)


2 thoughts

  1. Hi Gregory! I found one of your tiny cards in Dee William’s book “The Big Tiny.” I wanted to reach out and encourage you to continue working towards your dream!! It looks like you have taken some time off of pursuing your tiny house, but I hope you will be able to pick up soon. Life is too short to not pursue the things we want.
    Great idea with the cards, I hope some day I will see your finished project! God bless you!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been doing some behind the scene work. Planning on spending some time writing about going tiny and some other travels in the next few weeks for the blog. Thanks for sharing the tiny card find! Out of curiosity, where did you find it?

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