Starting in the spring of 2020, I will be attempting a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. If successful, the journey of approximately 2,660 miles from the border near Mexico to the border near Canada should take me about five and a half to six months.*

*Update (March 2020): After reading an email sent by the Pacific Crest Trail Association from within my tent one night on trail, I made the difficult, but necessary, decision to suspend my thru-hike attempt less than two weeks into what was meant to be a sixth month experience. My initial reaction is documented in the “PCT: Gratitude” post found on the main page of this blog.

*Update (May 2021): My brief initial stint with backpacking was wonderful. Last summer, I began exploring the possibility of hiking the Long Trail in Vermont. When that possibility faded away, the original plan was to make that attempt during this upcoming July. Signs from the universe have guided me to staying more local this summer, so I am not pursuing any long distanced hiking in the near future. My eyes are already looking towards returning to the PCT during vacation time in the Spring of 2022 to continue what will hopefully become several short springtime section hikes taking place over the next few years. If successful, those will be followed by two longer summertime sections hikes during the months between school years. Ultimately, if a thru-hike of the PCT is out of question, I would prefer my section hikes to go in order from south to north. The desert section of the southern half of the trail is what will dictate the ultimate timing due to the lack of water availability during the summer months.

Stay tuned!