Day Forty-three:

As planned, the morning and afternoon were relaxed and task-based. Much was accomplished that will make the next few days easier. Eventually, I grabbed a bite to eat and strolled around Ellensburg. My ongoing search for items for my apartment yielded a ceramic bowl and a “grab bag” of old National Geographic maps. It looks as if there are about eight of them in the sealed bag that cost me $9. I’ve decided not to open it until I get back. Here’s to hoping one will be able to be framed.


The drive to the Gorge Amphitheater took a little less than an hour. The venue itself has an impressive backdrop. As one woman told me, it is an “epic” sight.






There were two opening acts. The second was wonderfully weird. It is hard to describe how he performed, but beautiful and fun noise would be a good start. He instructed the pit to form a circle to have a dance off, and then divided us to follow the movements of the ever changing leaders. Quite entertaining and joyous.




Arcade Fire is honestly one of the best bands that I have ever seen perform. I’m intrigued by how the band rotates instruments constantly. Debra and I saw them put on one of the “secret” shows last fall. I dressed up as bacon for that show. This time I decided to go wearing regular clothing. Tonight, it was such a mixed group in terms of clothing. (The band had requested formal attire or costume.)

The show itself was mesmerizing. The highlight was singing along to “Wake Up”. I’ll go back and add a few links to this post when people begin posting videos from tonight’s show.







Final Thoughts:

I’m too tired for final thoughts. If I wasn’t, I’m sure they would say how much I appreciate live music.

(Video links to follow)

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