Originally, my plan was to write this entry about eight months ago.  That clearly did not happen. Hesitation was a contributing factor in the delay, as was the beginning of a new school year.  My plan was to share on the blog the project that I had begun back in late July and get things rolling once I returned from Maine.  Every few weeks, I simply delayed the writing process connected with my project.  In all fairness, I had been organizing and writing offline, and have continued to do so.  The publishing process has been delayed.  There was something that kept holding me back from getting a writing routine going.  This post is my metaphorical leap into the ocean without feeling the water first.

Over the next ten weeks, I will publish a weekly blog entry in a series called “Why Tiny?” that explores my reasons for wanting to simplify my life and build a tiny house.  I look forward to sharing my ideas in the coming weeks and overcoming that hesitation that has sidelined me over the past few months.  These blog entries, and the ones that follow the initial series, are just a small part of a larger project that is still evolving. I welcome you to read about this project that began last July and has been underway since by following the link below.

A TINY Journey: Building a Home


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