Today was an important lesson in inspiration, creativity, and connections.

Several weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend my very first EdCamp.  I was amazed at how conducive the format was to being flexible and in the moment.  While there, I was encouraged to attend nErD Camp, and even to possibly present.  It wasn’t until a few days ago that I honestly committed to using the opportunity to share my creative self with others.

Today will forever hold a special place within me.  Today was about connecting.  Connections, even through brief encounters, can inspire others to make progress with the various aspects of their personal and professional being.

Time spent with family and friends today will have a lasting impact on me for years to come.  The ripple effects have already started to emerge.

After presenting during the first session, I knew immediately afterwards what I would have changed if I had the chance to present again.  As time ran out, I did not convey several key ideas and figured that the blog was a fitting place to share the missed moments.

  1. Blogging was used as a writing tool last year in my classroom. Though I opted not to share my personal blog with the children, they were aware that I had one. Overall, the children enjoyed the experience, but we were hindered by not having consistent access to technology.  My reflection last year was to wait until that time that we had one-on-one technology access to revisit blogging in the classroom.
  2. My blog is more than just an account of where I have been. It is an incubator and a catalyst for my creative side.
  3. At the present moment, I am working on about 7-8 various creative projects that may or may not see the light of day publicly.  The blog offers me a sense of accomplishment after each draft gets published, or after each hour spent on one of my projects.
  4. Eventually, I hope to write a book about the experiences I have had in terms of blogging and the projects that have developed within its sphere of influence.
  5. Blogging offers me the ability to practice my writing skills in a secure space. Each post can be password protected if I so choose. For awhile, all of my posts were only accessible with a password.
  6. We must model for our students the skills that we expect them to demonstrate.  In order to emphasize creativity, writing, reading, and self-determination, we as adults must live those ideas first.

Today’s Highlights:

  1. Being given the opportunity to present. (Thank you to the nErD Camp organizers!)
  2. Offering to help my mother and sister establish and maintain a blog in the next year.
  3. Learning about mindfulness from a friend and a colleague.  Most importantly, I left Stefanie’s session feeling like a better and calmer human being with new strategies to take on the frustrations found in life.
  4. Spending quality time with friends.
  5. Learning new classroom management techniques using American Sign Language that will help to foster a climate of empathy & togetherness. Thank you for your wisdom, Kathy! (More on this session in a future blog post.)
  6. Thanking the author of a non-fiction book that I have used in the classroom.  Thank you, Sarah! Poop Happened
  7. Sushi, coffee, & brainstorming with great people!

Thank you to all who were so incredibly wonderful and supportive today!  It meant the world to me.

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