As I am sitting on the bus heading to Edmonton International Airport, I figured it is as good of a time as any to give an update about this blog. For the past few months, I have been doing quite a bit of writing and brainstorming. Essentially, I have decided to make writing a bigger aspect of my personal and professional sphere. Besides a few posts that I have been working on, the blog will stay relatively quiet until January. At that time, I plan on redesigning the look of it, as well as posting approximately two to three times a week. Some of these posts will be short form, and some much longer. Overall, I have decided that the blog is meant to be more of a thematic take on a variety of ideas, rather than just an account of my travels. Traveling will still be a major aspect, as many of my ideas develop through my various adventures. (Says the guy who flew to Western Canada for just two nights.)

A series of series will make their debut next year, including the remaining eight “Why TINY?” posts. Some of the tentative titles are:

  • Time & Timing
  • Tiny Dialogue
  • Random Thoughts
  • Big Picture Ideas
  • Wanderlust Wishes
  • Borrowed Inspirations
  • Musical Moments
  • Focus on Food

… and others as they develop organically.

Overall, I am excited to share out some of the ideas that have been brewing. I have decided that next year and beyond is the perfect time to invest in me, as well as my dreams.

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