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    1. Thanks! These are the photos from my “good” camera of the hike to “The Wave” from 2014. Stay tuned, Uncle Orv. I’m scheduling at least 50 photography posts over the next several months.

  1. These are GORGEOUS Greg! LOVE them, you should blow them up and frame them! Love and miss you! Hope you are well!


    1. Right? Coyote Buttes North is one incredible place. I’m so fortunate to have had the opportunity to see this incredible place. My hope is to return there one day. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Greg, you explored a magnificent place. Your photos capture the magic of what I assume is a slot canyon.

    1. It’s actually only two or three miles from the longest slot canyon in the world. (About 15 miles long!) This is commonly referred to as “The Wave,” which is a unique eroded rock formation in the Coyote Buttes North protected area managed by the BLM right near the border of Utah and Arizona.

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