Day two:

Debra and I woke and and lugged our luggage towards the car. Why take a cab when you can walk uncomfortably with every arm full of bags. Enjoyed spending some more quality time with Dava, Aaron, and Isaac. (Grady & Oro, too.) I know NY bagels are the best, but Montreal wood-oven bagels are quite good, too. Before hitting the road, we stopped by the Fitler Square farmer’s market. Purchased peanut & cashew butter, string beans, squash, raspberries, and peach & raspberry bread.




Ventured on to the Air & Space Museum by Dulles Airport. I had been there four years ago with my mother. First, the sheer size of the room is impressive. Second, holy history! We walked right up to the shuttle Discovery, the Enola Gay which dropped the atomic bomb, a Concord, several pre-1920 airplanes, and some planes that were smaller than a car. Every time I fly, I’m amazed by the engineering and technology that allows for such massive creations to break gravity. Towards the end of our brief visit, we went up 160 feet to the observation tower and had sweeping views of the area. I even found the perfect Airstream for a friend who is currently looking for one. If you’ve never been, you must!











A quick stop to buy some food and supplies, then we headed into Shenendoah NP. I love visiting National Parks for the first time. One doesn’t quite know what to expect. Managed to get to the visitor center with 5 minutes to spare to get my patch for my collection. The weather was perfect… about 70 degrees when we stopped at each turnout on the Skyline Drive. Took lots of pictures. Debra and I met a nice guy named Tyler at one of the stops who was traveling by motorcycle. Set up camp, cooked dinner, and enjoyed a Fat Tire. Overall, a great day!








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  1. Are these Iphone pictures or from your new camera?? They are awesome either way. I am so jealous. Also, not to sound like a total dumbass, can you also say what state you are in. HAHA- I looked up where Shenendoah is- VA? Okay keep blogging!! love it.

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