For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed going on adventures and experiencing the world around me.  These adventures have proven to be life changing and guiding forces.  Some of these adventures have been carefully planned out, and some have been spontaneous or relatively spontaneous occurrences.  One of the the main driving forces of hoping to go tiny is to provide the resources, flexibility and freedom to seek out new adventures without fearing the limitations that tend to exist, whether they be financial or time constraints.

Last year, I had made plans to attend the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs.  Shortly after making plans to be in Colorado around the time of the event, it was announced that it would be changing locations to Texas.  It was around that time that I decided to reach out to apply to be a presenter at the Jamboree as someone who was exploring the possibilities of downsizing and exploring the world of tiny living.  Despite having initial conversations with someone from the Jamboree, it ultimately did not come to fruition.  As a result, I decided that flying to Texas during the school year was not meant to be.  I felt frustrated at the time, but new opportunities arose out of that frustration.

Several weeks ago, I decided that this year’s Jamboree worked out better for me for many reasons.  As I am writing this post, I am preparing to fly tomorrow morning to Austin, Texas for just three nights.  My camera’s battery is charging, my journals are neatly stacked next to my backpack, and my final load of laundry is drying.  The prospect of learning new ideas and being presented with different perspectives on Saturday and Sunday is thrilling.  There are no expectations for me this year, compared to what might have been if I had been selected to be a presenter last year.  My goal is to be present this weekend and ask questions.  Simple enough, I hope.

The appeal of carving out the time and resources to make the most of my journey by seeking out new experiences is a strong motivator for me to go tiny.  Whether it be a road trip, a concert, a play, a speech, a hike in a National Park, or a weekend flight to London, the end result tends to be the same… new perspectives and new ideas directly generated from the opportunities that have been experienced.  This privilege to be able to do so is not lost on me.  My hope is that moving towards living tiny will continue to present new opportunities that will enrich my understanding of the world.

When I return from Austin, I will share any new perspectives gathered along the way.

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