Dear Authors,

Last November, I not only attended my first nErDCamp, but I actually presented on my experiences with blogging. Since that time, my confidence in all sorts of abilities has only become more evident within me. Writing has become a more consistent and meaningful outlet in my life. The vast majority of my writing has been offline, with just a few of these thoughts making the leap to being published through my blog. Some of these new projects that I am working on may never see the full light of day, but some will hopefully be published at some point. The potential of new possibilities is simply thrilling.

A month ago, while attending the Tiny House Jamboree in Austin, I began to think about this year’s nErDCamp on Long Island and whether I would consider presenting again. Over the course of those two days, I met people passionate about living simply and “going tiny” who were from many different backgrounds. A common theme within these interactions was offering insight. These strangers were extremely generous in sharing their experiences and knowledge in the realm of tiny living. On the flight home, I had the thought that bringing a similar experience to nErDCamp could help many.

What I envision on November 3rd is a moderated session entitled “Giving Yourself Permission to Find Your Voice: A Discussion for the Aspiring Author.” As a teacher with 16+ years of experience, facilitating is almost second nature by this point. I would like to start out the session briefly sharing my background and my hopes of becoming a future author, then introducing a few authors who might be interested in sharing their pathway and experiences in their own journey to becoming an author. The hope would be to include authors at different points in their career, with veteran authors and first-time authors sharing their experiences. As the sessions tend to be approximately 45 minutes, the questions would be kept fairly basic. Included in the session would be a time for the attendees to reflect on their unique experiences and ideas that could eventually turn out to be the idea of their first book. If time allowed, the attendees could share their thoughts with those around them.

I figured that sending this post into the twitterverse and seeing if there were any authors interested in taking part in a moderated session like the one described would be the most efficient method in this modern age. Ultimately, the session would be anything but modern, with people sitting around a room sharing their stories as so many people have done for thousands of years. With any hope, people might just leave giving themselves permission to find their voice and put their own stories in writing to share with the world.

If you are an interested author, please consider reaching out to me.

With thanks,


UPDATE: A few authors have reached out, and the format will likely be a less structured one. The hope is to provide the space for authors and teachers to discuss reading and writing. We are still looking for more authors to join the session!


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